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Will winter ever give up?

By March 4, 2019No Comments

Has it really been three months since our last update?!  Looking at the record low temperatures for the start of March, it feels like this winter is trying hard to hang around. And between the weather and activities on-site the past three months have flown by.

We have been exceptionally busy with construction sets and design for this upcoming year.  But we can’t wait for the weather to finally break and start the main development work. We have been doing the prep work and are looking forward to seeing the improvements happen around the site.

During a January storm one of our snow removal crews was out keeping the tour route open (Yes, we still give a lot of tours in the winter!).  They were able to capture the video below of a waterfowl fly off.  It was quite spectacular! Many people on our tours prefer seeing the varying weather as it shows the true year round beauty of the lake.

Waterfowl fly off during snow storm at Heron Lake

When the weather finally does change it will also bring about a flurry of site activity. The construction sets for the final section of the Springs and the Reserva townhouses are being routed through the City of Auburn. The second section of commercial development will follow shortly after those are completed. Keep updated here at our website. The next 8-10 weeks are going to continue to be busy, regardless of the weather!

Don’t forget to schedule your tour! The changes to nicer weather typically fills out our schedule quite quickly!

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