Build Your Next Home on an All-Sports Lake with Marinas, Trails, and a Boutique Winery.

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What if you lived in a lake community and could still drive to work?

Shouldn’t lake life incorporate amazing community experiences with the ability to balance work with family and adventure?

Lake living should be more than a weekend fling. Heron Lake is just eight minutes north of Parkview Regional Medical Center (say goodbye to 40-minute commutes!), and the development will include multiple neighborhoods for families, an all-sports lake with marinas, an island event center, 4.2 miles of trails, and a boutique winery—all within walking distance.

Natural beauty and a fun community experience come with your home, and you’ll fit right in!

Lived in a lake community

Discover Heron Lake.

Choose from 7 different options for your home.

  • The Vineyards: Single Family Homes with Marina Access
  • The Reserva: Multilevel Townhouses with Marina Access
  • The Springs: Single Family, Lakefront Homes
  • The Estates: Luxury, Single Family Lakefront Homes
  • Creekside Estates: Single Family Estates, Creekside
  • The Bluffs: Single Family Hillside Lakefront Homes
  • The Meadows: Lakefront and Subdivision Villas

Heron Lake is a 100 acre, all-sports private lake with marina access available to all residents.

  • Access the lake from eitherof the two residential marinas
  • Get on the water your way–great for speed boats, fishing boats, kayaks, paddle boards, or pontoon cruising
  • Enjoy fishing with friends or relax after work and fish a variety of different fish species
  • Live adventure with tubing, skiing, wakeboarding and other water sports (Heron Lake scored 24 points from the Watersports Metric, just 6 are needed to be cleared for “All-Sports”)
All-sports lake in heron lake

Enjoy the unique, boutique Winery

  • Live within walking distance to a unique winery experience located in the middle of the Heron Lake Island
  • Experience date night at the restaurant or a family night at the guest center
  • Invite your friends to fall in love with this social hotspot
  • Get first access to other boutique shoppes built by Heron Property Management to round out the Heron Lake experience
Heron lake boutique winery

Access anywhere in the community by bike, boat, or golf cart.

  • 4.2 miles of interconnected trails give you access to everything going on in the community
  • Paved or cobbled surfaces for clean, multi-use trails
  • Enjoy the spacious trails, constructed 12 feet wide
  • Embrace nature with 3.5 mile trail loop that encircle Heron Lake
  • Connect to all pavilions, park spaces, and the Community’s Island
heron lake 4.2 mile trail

Use the Community Hub Island Event Center

  • Host your next family party or attend local events at the four season pavilion with kitchen and restroom facilities
  • Access the beautiful island from Heron Lake Trail
  • Drive your boat to Island events with temporary docking
  • Island size approximately twice the size of entire Winona Lake shopping area
Heron lake community hub island event center

*Note:  Images of architectural elements are conceptual renderings or images of similar environments.

Visualize Heron Lake.

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Where is Heron Lake?

Location & est. drive times
Heron Lake would stretch from Dupont Road to Union Chapel.

Compare to Parkview Campus

Heron lake vs prmc
Heron Lake would stretch from Dupont Road to Union Chapel.

Compare Heron to Other Lakes

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What Are You Waiting For?

You may be used to hearing about complex and amazing projects that take much longer than promised or end unfinished. Heron is different. All of our plans are approved, finances are cleared, and contractors are on deck.

A substantial number of lots from Phase 1 (75 lots) are already taken. Download our Homes Guide, schedule a free in-person tour, and reserve your lot today!