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What is Heron Lake?

The Heron Lake community is a 306-acre development with residential housing, apartments, and commercial facilities centered on a private, 100-acre all-sports lake. This community will be ideal for those who desire lake life year-round, but still want a convenient work commute to Allen County and surrounding areas

Community Living

What will life be like at Heron Lake?

The lifestyle at Heron Lake will be focused on the unique amenities and natural surroundings that the site offers. The commercial elements at Heron will support the community feel with proposed uses such as a boutique winery, grocery, retail, and professional services. The Heron Lake site will be managed and maintained by a professional property management company, Heron Property Management (HPM). HPM will provide for and maintain all amenities, including the lake itself. This is all to ensure that the quality of your new community is not only maintained with excellence, but to create a more relaxed lifestyle for you. (Image courtesy of Bob Buescher Homes.)

Get on the Water

How do you access the lake?

All lakefront properties will have the option for a conveniently placed dock. For those who do not live on the lake, renting a slip at one of the marinas with be a wonderful option that will allow you access to the lake with your own boat. The Springs and Cedar Marinas will be for residents only, but there will be a boat launching facility at the Wilson Marina as well.

Boating, Skiing, Fishing, and more!

How will the Lake be used?

Heron Lake will be much more than the average lake community. Only residents will have access to the private, 100-acre lake. (There will be no public access.) Heron is certified as an all-sports lake, so you will be able to enjoy the lake as you wish. Because this is a private lake, all activities will be governed by Heron Property Management (a detailed list of allowable activities and rules will be available in your community agreement). We want everyone to enjoy the best of lake living, so HPM may limit the uses of the lake through restrictions on time windows for specific activities, vessel size, vessel type, motor size, and activities allowed. Fishing will be encouraged, and HPM will ensure excellent wildlife opportunities on the lake with help from outside experts.

What is the process for building at Heron?

We want you to have the home or business of your dreams at Heron Lake, so we welcome your preferred builder to help you accomplish that. We do, however, have a unified architectural control, which will be administered by HPM. HPM will ultimately be responsible for reviewing and approving any builder and planner, and a board of professionals will oversee all review and construction. Homeowners and businesses can rest assured that the overall vision of Heron Lake will be maintained by HPM.

Building process at heron lake

In which sections are Villa-Style Services provided?

At the Meadows region of the site, all of the homes will benefit from villa services. HPM can also provide those same villa-style services at all other areas of the site if so desired.

Villa-style services

What facilities will be provided at the Marinas?

The marinas will provide lake access for those who are not directly located on the lake, or residents who simply wish to rent a boat slip. These boat slips will have the ability to accommodate boats that are up to 28 feet in length. Our Wilson Marina will provide boat-launching access to enter the lake with your watercraft.  Minimal seasonal maintenance services will also be available.

These facilities will also include access to refueling services, shore power, wash down facilities, restroom facilities, and open-air pavilions.

Wilson marina

What & Where is the Heron Lake Trail?

The Heron Trail is made up of 4.2 miles of paved or cobbled multi-use, interconnected paths encircling the entire Heron Lake site. This paved trail will be 12 feet in width and will support biking, jogging and walking. The majority of the trail will stay bright at night with pedestal-style lighting. There will be significant portions of the trails alongside the lake, Cedar Creek, and vineyards.

The trail will connect all of the pavilions within the site and provide paths on the Island. HPM will be responsible for maintenance, seasonal cleaning activities, and security. Golf cart routes will also be provided alongside the roadways.

heron lake 4.2 mile trail

Who will operate the Winery?

Given the importance of the Winery to the overall community feel at Heron, HPM will control the Winery. An outside operator will lease the Winery facility and vineyards. HPM envisions a supporting mini boutique hotel for the winery, which will accommodate visitors wishing for an extended winery experience. This will also be a great addition for those involved in events at the Winery or Island.

Heron lake boutique winery

What kind of park spaces and amenities will be offered?

At Heron Lake, there will be over 65 acres of dedicated park space that will span along both the lake and Cedar Creek. There will be a 4-acre island, which will be accessible by everyone. This island park is an exceptional meeting area year-round.

Aside from the immense park space, a gracious amount of trails and paths suitable for walking, jogging, golf carts, and biking grant you access to the entire community.

Heron lake park spaces and amenities

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