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Springs Sanitary Sewer Construction & Phases question

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The site continues to change day by day, seeing the planning come into view is quite exciting!  The Heron Lake community will have city water and sewer, and the sanitary sewer just started construction.  If you drive north on CR427 you have probably already noticed all of the activity!  This particular section of sanitary sewer will also provide the connection for future sections to the north.  Those next phases will start this upcoming spring with lots available by early summer 2018.  Don’t miss out on your tour and access to our pre-sales discounts, reserve your lot soon!

Springs sanitary sewer construction

Common questions:  Lately we have been receiving a lot of questions concerning the sections and anticipated roll out times.  In short, the overall development (roadway, utilities, marinas, & amenities) will be constructed on a three year timeline, with the phases broken into three annual goals.  This accounts for roughly a third of our lots being available each year starting 2017 until 2019.  The pre-sales discounts are offered for future sections and are your way of reserving a lot and price point.  Join our mailing list to see current phasing exhibits!

Springs Sanitary Construction

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