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Springs roadway nears completion!

By November 15, 2017No Comments

These past couple of weeks have been a flurry of site activity.  Watching the progress of waterline and sanitary sewer being placed has been exciting but seeing the new CR427 entry and roadway foundation construction has been invigorating.  Seeing the planning come into shape has reminded us that while the Heron Lake community will benefit from the incredible natural setting  the access around the lake and other amenities will be completely unlike the public lakes to the north and west.  Standing on the site and envisioning the trail locations, golf cart lane on roadway, parkspaces, and sidewalks truly shows how different the lake lifestyle will feel here.  The public lakeband in general does not have those pedestrian connections and other amenities.

Springs CR427 entry being constructed

The Springs lots should be available for transfer by mid December, with a full roll out of Phase 1 lots occurring in late spring 2018.  There are 20 lakefront and 13 nonlakefront lots in Springs Section 1.  Look for updates soon as asphalt and curb are being placed and don’t forget to schedule your tour!  Seeing the site throughout the winter months can be quite breathtaking and serene.

Springs Section 1 roadway construction

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