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Springs roadway and Commons waterline construction

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Roadway construction

Springs Phase 1 fully underway!

The first phase of the Springs is now changing day by day. The roadway and other elements are being constructed and seeing the site transform is something to behold! Can you spot the three earthmovers in the picture to the right? The closest and farthest away (far left) are almost a half a mile apart! You really have to visit the site to truly experience the beauty and scale, schedule your tour today!

Waterline construction

Connecting the Commons

The entire Heron Lake project will enjoy City of Auburn Water and Sewer. The Commons are our first area to be connected to water, the Springs will follow shortly. Notice the exceptionally large water pipe lying on the ground, this is to accommodate both Heron and future expansion on the south side of Auburn. Keep an eye out for our sanitary pipe laying, starting next week!

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