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More site documents available soon, houses starting!

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Due to the great number of requests for our Architectural Control documents we will be posting those to the website shortly, thanks for all of the requests!  We have been pleased with the initial Architectural reviews and application of our points based system for new house review.  The feedback has been quite positive and we look forward to adapting it as needed.  As we tell most people on tours, traditional Restrictive Covenants tell you what not to build.  Our points based system tells you what to build, and clearly defines areas of long term impact for the home owner.  If you have any questions or would like additional information please let us know!

Concrete pouring in the Springs

Seeing the house construction across the lake has been very enjoyable.  Having houses for size comparison across the lake has really helped with the perception of the size of the lake.  In the photo above one can easily see the two redi-mix concrete trucks and workers placing a basement floor.  Our first section of the Springs has 20 lakefront and 13 non-lakefront lots.  Watching them getting filled up is quite exciting!

House staking in The Springs

During tours lately we have had a lot of questions about the various stakes in the ground and markers around The Springs.  The picture above helps show a number of these common construction site stakes.  Immediately visible are the pink flags.  These denote building corners for the placing the foundation of a house.  Most people are surprised at how small a house feels without the walls!  Once the house starts going vertical it starts to feel like a house.  Off to the right hand side are approximate locations of property lines.  Constructing a house within the lot can be quite a challenge, knowing outside spacing is critical.  At Heron we kept the side yard setbacks 40% wider than typical public lake properties.  People need space and you’ll appreciate the extra width when you hop on your riding mower!  In the top middle of the picture you can observe a couple pieces of equipment.  Now that the roadway and other items are installed (look for green pipes sticking out of the ground for city sanitary sewer taps, blue for city water tap locations) the other utilities are now on-site getting their facilities installed.  Over the upcoming weeks natural gas, data/fiber, and electricity will be placed on site.  They rely on property corner stakes, as well as more critical right of way and easement locators.  It can be a sea of colors and stakes when you get to this stage of construction, and each stake is critical to a successful development.  It is this combination of trades and services that truly makes a successful development.  Seeing the various stakes and markers just drives home how many different aspects of construction have to come together on any site.

We look forward to even more activity in the upcoming weeks, don’t forget to schedule your tour and see if Heron Lake is the community for you!

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