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Houses under construction!

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These past few weeks have been quite busy.  There haven’t been any updates because we have all been scrambling to prepare for the activity this spring.  The first lot closings are occurring and house foundations are starting!  The initial house outlines have been staked on-site and seeing these stakes has helped demonstrate how truly deep the lakefront lots are.  These lots are designed for primary residences, so you can live, work, and play at the same location.  Imagining the lake yard spaces and how they will be outfitted is exciting!


House staking – March 2018

This progress also means that we have had a number of homes go the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for review and initial approvals.  This process has raised a number of recurring questions that we will be addressing below.  Should you have any questions on specific items please don’t hesitate to reach out to the ACC:

  • What is the minimum square footage for houses in the Springs?  The minimum building footprint is 1,800 square feet.
  • After I sign the Purchase Agreement for an available lot, how long until I have to close on the lot? 6 months, then 18 months to start construction.
  • If I reserve a lot in a future section, how long do I have to decide if I want to actually commit and purchase?  You have until the lot is available for build-out.
  • Can I have a pool or patio in the Lake Yard?  Yes, as long as the pool is in-ground and the patio elements do not substantially impede the visibility of the lake for your neighbors.
  • Can I harvest the lake water for irrigation?  Yes, we encourage residents to use the lake for irrigation purposes.  For novel uses such as this we offer additional points.
  • Do you want the homes to all look the same?  Do we have flexibility in house style and outfitting?  We do not want all of the homes to appear the same.  We want and encourage variety and appropriate contrast between homes.  We highly encourage all home builders to arrange a meeting with the ACC prior to a formal application.  We want to discuss our planning and goals for the site.
  • What type of house can we build on the non-lakefront lots? Are we limited to a selection of builders?  The non-lakefront lots are similar to 85ft wide subdivision style lot.  They are slightly deeper than typical lots in our region.  You can build the house of your choosing and even select your builder.

Don’t forget to schedule your tour and see the site transform this spring!

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