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Over the past month the Rules and Restrictions for the Heron Lake PUD have been available for review.  We have received a couple common questions concerning the specific details of those documents.  The list below are the responses to those questions:

1 – Is the 200HP engine & 45MPH speed limit a fixed restriction?

These have been the most commonly asked questions.  The simple response is no, they are not outright restriction, they are guidelines that may be waived by Heron Property Management.  Being a private lake there must be some criteria by which HPM could restrict access and activities for the safety of those on the water.  For this purpose no boat may be launched without an ID issued by HPM, that is the prior written approval component.  So to have a watercraft on the lake requires HPM approval, there is no unrestricted or unevaluated access to the lake.

For example, if you have a boat that exceeds the guideline of 200HP, HPM would note that excess in our ID files and also that we had requested you pay special attention to your watercraft activities given the size of your engine.  Now go have a great time on the lake.  The same is true for the 45MPH speed limit, the overall safety of those boating is our primary concern.  And we can move that guideline in both directions.  We anticipate, given feedback, that there will be calm periods sporadically throughout the summer where motorized traffic will be prohibited to allow canoeing, kayaking, or other non-motorized activities to fully enjoy the lake.

In short, HPM retains the ability to enforce safe activities on the lake and will not allow unrestricted or unsupervised access to the lake.  We have published guidelines for safe operation and will give substantial leeway for residents to enjoy the water in their own fashion.  The Residents will have say in the uses that are allowed on the water, that is the beauty of a private lake.

2 – Does the marina allow for public access?  Are you selling boats?

No, the only people with access to the water are Residents at Heron Lake.  That would be landowners that are current in their assessments/fees/dues.  The marinas are essentially in-land docks to allow non-lakefront lots, and those that don’t want the hassle of dock placement, to have direct access to the water.  The northernmost marina will have seasonal maintenance services offered and we will have re-fueling options but do not intend to have outside sales or services offered.

Thanks to everyone for your comments and feedback!  We also really appreciate the response to the exhibit from last week that detailed the difference in sizing for traditional public lake lots and our development.  It is thought provoking to consider what might have been if this site had been developed during the bungalow era.  Don’t miss out on your chance to experience the site during the winter and schedule your tour!

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